Using rhythms and music to teach academic concepts to reinforce cognitive development. 

Online lessons for students anywhere in the world.

The online lessons use rhythms to teach positive communication, social skills, and academic concepts. This is no ordinary music therapy protocol: it’s a learning environment that engages students through the power of music. 

The lessons are successful in addressing COGNITIVE, EMOTIONAL, and PHYSICAL goals. Through inventive multi-sensory exercises, the sessions teach and enhance skills such as maintaining focus, using memory, sequencing, sign language, laterality, recognition and use of numbers, shapes and colors, spatial awareness, fine and gross motor coordination, following instructions, and communication.

Through a perceptual motor match: VISUAL, TACTILE and AUDITORY combined with SPEECH, the student sees the lesson, feels it, and then hears it as he/she speaks or sings the answers. It is this redundancy of information that facilitates positive results. 

The only equipment necessary is a small hand drum and a computer or iPad with Skype. Call or write for a complementary 20 minute session.